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Competency Building programs that bridge skill gaps

Our competency building programs are designed to impart business critical competency skills that are relevant to your business context.


Why competency building programs are relevent?

Unlike certification programs, competency building training programs focus on a select set of competencies that are relevant to your team. Based on pre-assessment, you can select a few competencies for deeper understanding, application, practice, and competency building.


Customized training programs.

We will help you design training programs that are suitable for your employees needs. We understand your unique needs and will tailor-make training programs that deliver business value. Programs are stretched over a long period from weeks to months.


Content designed based on known skillgaps.

We will train your employees to develop those critical skills and evaluate them through quiz,rolesplays,assignments,workproducts, group assignments, scenarios,gamification and industry relevant case studies.


Focus on core competencies that deliver critical business value.

We will collobrate with your business teams to identify critial business and project success metrics that are strategically important. We will asses the skill gaps through carefully designed questionaires and client interviews. We will assist your teams in designing a training outline.


Competency frameworks.

You have a choice of wide accepted competency frameworks or custom designed frameworks designed for your unique needs.


IIBA approved courses.

Most of our competency building programs are IIBA approved and participants can use this to appear for the IIBA professional certifications.


Complete solutions

Competency building programs provide a combination of classroom, live trainer-led sessions, and advanced learner management systems that are outcome-based.


Evaluation rubics.

We use quizzes, case studies, scenarios, role plays, individual, and group assignments, and templates-based assignments for outcome based evaluation.


Involvement of your managers.

Your line managers are actively involved in the learning progress and providing feedback for better training design and delivery.


  • Foundations of business analysis
  • Managing requirements
  • Requirements engineering for Automotive Industry
  • Writing better requirements
  • Requirements Modelling
  • Creating winning business cases
  • Business process analysis
  • BPMN 2.0 Modeling
  • UML Modeling for IT BA and developers
  • Agile Business Analysis for Managers
  • Product owner analysis for managers
  • Managing requirements workshop>
  • Business Data analytics for managers
  • Cyber security for managers
  • Strategic Business analysis
  • Business models and Digital transformation
  • Managing elicitation sessions
  • Business process Improvement
  • Business process modelling
  • Data Modelling
  • Non-Functional requirements
  • Managing requirements Quality
  • Managing Business and Project risk during business transformation
  • Use case modelling and specification
  • Design thinking for Business analysis
  • Foundations of business analysis
  • Managing requirement
  • Writing better requirement
  • BPMN 2.0 Modeling

Are You Planning To conduct A Business Analysis Training Program For Your Team?

Our training programs are designed to provide best business value for your training needs. We provide international certification and competency building programs. Our experts have delivered hundreds of on premises and live virtual training programs all over the world. Explore our corporate training page and fill the enquiry form and we will revert as soon as possible.


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