Business Intelligence, Analytics and Big Data for Managers

BI, Analytics and Big data for managers


Unique designed to help managers leverage on the huge data available within the enterprise and converting them into meaningful insights for higher business performance. The course explains technical issues in an easily understandable manner for business managers.

Key Features

  • Competency training for managing
  • Interact with our trainers
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Chapter end questions
  • Expert trainers with  decades of industry experience
  • Confirms to IIBA BABOK best practices
  • Hands on  real life case studies
  • Interactive participarory learning
  • Course completion certificate

Business Intelligence, Analytics and Big Data for Managers

The course covers BI at the enterprise level and its linkage with corporate strategy.

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    BI & Big Data
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    Course Details


    The course covers BI at the enterprise level and its linkage with corporate strategy. The Course covers BI at different levels of the organization strategic, functional and analytical and data ware house level.

    This program is designed for managers at all levels to appreciate and leverage the data within their organizations.
    This course helps managers to solve specific business issues with the help of data.
    The course helps you to devise strategies to leverage on the data within the organization and to devise means to solve business needs and problems.
    The course also helps you to draw valuable insights that can be converted into value added products or services for your organization.
    The course helps you to build a culture of data based decision making and in building BI competency centers within the organization.
    The course covers Analytics at different levels of the organization, the course covers Big data and its application is varies fields.

    1) Interactive course with hands on training sessions
    2) Hard copy of study material
    3) Hard and soft copy of articles and templates..
    Working experience in any industry as managers or those working in the IT industry preferred but not essential.

    What is Business Intelligence?
    What is Business analytics?
    What is Big data? Different perspectives of big data
    Big data & Analytics
    Data mining
    Why is Business Intelligence important with Industry examples
    Case studies in the banking industry
    Understanding the data and the big data revolution
    Business analytics model.

    The organizational context of data:
    The organizational context of data ; How data gets transformed into value added information
    Converting data to insights
    Data driven decision making
    Business analytics cycle.

    Business Intelligence:
    The BI Solution – Conceptual framework
    BI layers
    BI value chain
    BI data integration.

    Sources of company data:
    Structured and unstructured data
    OLAP and OLTP
    Data Mining.

    Measures and KPI for performance:
    Reporting at the enterprise level
    Balanced score cards
    Organizational dashboards
    Designing and creating dashboards
    Common BI tools.

    Analytics at the strategic level:
    Corporate strategy and business analytics and linking data with KPI
    The organization sources of data
    Data requirements at different levels of the organization
    Presenting data for effective decision making
    KPI for the Banking industry.

    Analytics at the functional level:
    Linking and measuring KPI with BA information system
    At the analytical level
    At the data warehouse level.

    Types of data:
    Descriptive analytics
    Predictive analytics
    Prescriptive analytics
    Text analytics
    Forecasting , optimization and simulation
    Sentimental analytics.

    Applications of analytics:
    Customer analytics
    Operations management and analytics
    Fraud and risk management
    Retail management
    Banking and financial services
    How big data and analytics is transforming the financial services industry
    Social media analytics
    Privacy issues in social media analytics
    Disruptive analytics.

    Analytical skill:
    Business analytics skill for the business analyst
    The Future of banking?
    Content and sequence and case studies are subject to change based on time limit available and trainee.
    Online and classroom topics may be different.

    The teaching methodology is based on case studies, role plays, group assignments where participants learn from the instructor and from each other.
    Our endeavour is not only help participants pass certification but enable them to build competencies and skills that can be applied at their work place.
    The lectures are delivered based on the background, needs and aspirations of the participants to make sure that they meet their needs.
    Our classes are highly interactive and based on experiential learning (learning from experience) . Participants can ask questions, request clarification or explanation when it’s needed and interact with a knowledgeable instructor who can help them understand concepts and terminology in terms of their own frames of reference.
    The class room sessions are used to explain difficult concepts, for practical learning, role plays, group assignments and team learning, personal interactions, replying to queries, having debates and points of views and all other activities that cannot be adopted in an online session.
    Trainers provide feedback on assignments and better ways of doing things and this can be achieved only in an interactive face to face discussion.

    1. The course is designed for business managers in banking, retail, telecom, Insurance or any other industry.
    2. The course will be helpful for those who are working as business analysts in IT companies.
    3. Business Analyst from the software development industry.
    4. Business managers who want to move to business analyst roles
    5. Experienced business users or core team members working in IT departments as client side business analyst in IT projects, process improvement, transformation and strategic initiatives.
    6. Product managers and business process owners and those interacting with IT development teams for development of IT solutions.
    7. Project managers and CIO es.
    8. QA/Testing professionals
    9. Team leads/System Analysts /Developers who have to interact with clients

    3 day competency building class room program.

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